Alan Brown


Alan has had a strong interest in art since a teenager and started to paint seriously in his forties taking up watercolour. Alan has now been painting for over 25 years in watercolours, oils, and acrylics. The subject often dictates the medium used: watercolours for transparent, fresh landscapes and seascapes, and oils and acrylics for more complex subjects where the painting has to develop incrementally.

Alan’s main inspiration is the countryside, especially the English countryside, the sea and boats. More recently Alan has been attracted to painting people, and places visited while travelling, but he usually finds simple landscape painting irresistible.  Alan aims for a loose, free interpretation of his chosen subject, and tries to capture mood and atmosphere, using light, reflections, movement and colour. A successful painting, in his view, creates an emotional response from the observer rather than pointing up any technical merit – the best paintings are often those done with spontaneity while the motivation is fresh.

Alan is a member of the North Weald Art Group, the Dorking Art Group, the Eland Art Club and the Civil and Public Service Artists. He lives in Reigate, Surrey.


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