Patricia Booth


A very long time ago I took art at ‘A’ level GCE. I wanted to go to PE College but sadly failed the medical, needing a few little ‘procedures’! I was advised to spend a year at Doncaster School of Art whilst the medical business was taking place. This was excellent advice, it was a foundation year and I experienced ‘tasters’ of a range of genre. However, many years then passed before I found time to paint again.
After several years I made a career change to teach junior aged children. This is when my art school experience proved to be of great value.  I discovered that I had a talent for enabling children to produce various kinds of artistic work of which they could be proud. I also ran art clubs for talented children and I often wondered if I could do as well as they did! It was not until retirement that I had time to indulge myself, though I still miss working with children.
I have taken part in several short courses over the past few years and have found the artists that have taught me to be inspirational. I have learned how to use a variety of media and also the value of making plans in my sketch book for a picture to be painted later, generally backed up with photographs. In fact, going out looking for pictures to paint is part of the joy. It certainly heightens one’s ability to look and find beauty and drama, sometimes in the most unexpected circumstances.
Joining the North Weald Group of Artists has given me much pleasure and fellow members have stimulated and encouraged me. I am proud to be a full member of the group. I also paint regularly with the Dorking Group of Artists.

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