Denise Doran


I have always loved art and have painted all my life. I have had no formal education in art as I followed a scientific path in my education and career. After a degree in Biochemistry and a short period of research I became a teacher, followed by some time in business.

Despite the demands of teaching and bringing up a family I still painted in any spare time and attended art classes whenever I could. For many years I have been completely captivated by watercolour and the challenges of trying to master this difficult medium to achieve the bright, translucent colours, freshness and spontaneity that I love.

As well as pure watercolour I enjoy working with acrylic and more recently I am trying oils which I love and want to develop further. Subject wise I enjoy painting landscapes, portraits and still life. I delight in the use of colour in paintings and try to paint as freely and as expressively as I can.

Over recent years I have joined a few local art groups including North Weald Art Group and Dorking Group of Artists and exhibit with all of them. I find getting together with other artists and attending workshops and painting activities is so stimulating and inspiring.

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