Barbara Thaxter SOFA


I spent the first adult years of my life as a cartographer, followed by forty years as a nursery/infant teacher while raising a family.
It is only since retiring that I have had time to follow my love of drawing, and cautiously to venture into painting.
It was a natural progression to move into pastels, inspired initially by painting our home-bred foal. I was then requested by friends to paint their animals.
Workshops with Trevor Waugh developed an awareness of the vibrancy that can be created in a painting by the selective use of colour. My early animals involved painting black horses black, grey horses white and so on. These days they involve a multitude of colours, but rarely black!
I am very aware of the importance of tonal values, getting great pleasure from producing a painting with strong lights and darks.
I love achieving individual personalities in the eyes of both animal and human portraits. I also enjoy the challenge of creating a painting from several sources.
These days I work mostly in oil, pastel or acrylic.
I am a member of several local art groups with whom I have exhibited successfully. I am joint vice chairman of Molesey art Society.
I exhibit at the Landmark arts Centre each autumn. I am a full member of the Society of Feline Artists, exhibiting with them at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery where I have sold paintings to international buyers.

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